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HDi Clamp 

HDi Clamp Officially Issued US Patent

(Sydney, Australia) -- (17-10-2015)

 HDi clamp is awarded US patent following a 7-year application process and after receiving patents from Australia, Europe PCT, UK, and Japan. The company is looking to provide a genuine and innovative product to the automotive industry.


Following the initial application from Hybrid Development International PTY LTD (HDi) on March 28th, 2008, the HDi clamp has officially been issued a patent by the United States government on September 8th, 2015.


The invention, which is an award-winning pipe joining device that can be used in all high pressure piping applications, is used in many race cars were it’s often needed to remove or replace a part for maintenance, repair, and inspection. The HDi clamp features a quick release and locking mechanism and requires no tool to remove or to install.


“It will benefit the entire automotive industry,” explains Roger Chan, who is the company’s founder and inventor of the quick release clamp. “The design is entirely new to the market, and the many years of examination by the US patent office proves HDi’s innovation.”


The design features a simple one female coupler, one male coupler and two outer clamps, with additional options to be made from different materials such stainless steel or plastic. When connected, it effectively forms a complete circle against high pressure, over 450 psi pressure handling and 200 degree C temperature with a perfect 360-degree free rotation.


Chan adds, “We aim to be innovators and believe our original research and patented designs can guarantee that it will meet goals by delivering reliability and optimal performance to those that utilize it – all while saving labor, time, and cost in every aspect.”


Prices for the product range between $59-$149 based on size, which range from 51mm to 100mm. This is to ensure a custom fabrication where extreme performance and reliability is needed. To learn more about the HDi clamp or to purchase it, visit:


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