Intercooler kit

Do they use the factory hoses or will I need new hoses made up to fit cooler?Do they use the factory hoses or will I need new hoses made up to fit cooler?

HDi Hiace intercooler kit comes with all the hose and bracket for fitting, very easy to fit our customers did it in 1/2 hour.

How much improvement do these units make across the board?

The intercooler made a great improvement on mid range due to the improvement made to reduce the restriction on the standard intercooler. As the turbo spools up earlier it means to produce the same horse power are the lower revolution hence it also improve the fuel economy.

I'm interested in purchasing a intercooler kit for my ford ba xr6turbo, and wondering with the kit which intercooler is included the GT2 or GT2 pro and does the kit come with the HDI clamps?

The BA has an GT2 X01 intercooler!product/prd1/2897004751/hdi-x01-r-intercooler-kit-for-ford-falcon-ba-xr6 But one of our customer modified the GT2440 intercooler kit for his BF so we developed the pro kit with the award wining HDi clamp!product/prd1/2901965281/hdi-gt2440-pro-intercooler-kit-ford-bf-xr6 We think the BF and the BA is very similar and that means it is very possible be fitted. please let us know where are u located we can see if we can put you to one of our dealer for fitting instruction you can also check out the installation here to see all intercooler kit's installation involvement!installation/c1qn1

The old FGXR6 kit have 7pcs piping

The old FG kit needs an after market air pod kit and can not use the standard air box , the new kit we have re designed the piping and it will accommodate the standard air box. It is only one pipe that is changes and so the instruction is still good for reference of how the kit is going together if you have any difficulty

What is the flow rate compare to the standard intercooler?

The HDi intercooler has 198% flow compare to standard that means less restriction from the turbo to the manifold makes the turbo spools up faster , more responsive , more boost, moreover, since it the boost comes up earlier the same power comes in lower RPM make it more fuel economy.

What's the warranty on this intercooler?

1 year

Where is my intercooler kit installation instruction

Please check the website :

hat's the compatibility of this intercooler? Is it compatible with any Hiace model or only newer model?

It suits all 200 series KDH200 Series from 2005-2014