HDi FG XR6 Intercooler kit

HDi has finished its new FG XR6 Intercooler Kit (GT2 PRO).This is a complete intercooler kit incorporating an all new designed intercooler.The kit also includes the award winning HDi CLAMP for easy installation and best performance! The especially designed GT2TM intercooler is a 25 row tube and fin design for greater strength and flow.The tank ends have been specifically designed to provide sufficient air volume to the total core to minimize pressure drop.The end tanks are a revolutionary new construction making this intercooler the strongest, lightest and highest flow FG intercooler on the market.This has set the bench mark for high performance intercooler kits world wide. The piping has been designed to take the shortest possible route with minimal bends and silicon joiners.The HDi CLAMP minimizes silicon steps allowing for bigger smoother effective air flow area , and less turbulence and pressure drop.The HDi CLAMP and HDi Super Clamps are perfect were extreme performance and reliability is needed.The HDi CLAMP also allow for easy installation and quick release of the piping for easy of engine maintenance.

imit, it also allows an extra 4 injectors for extrme modifications and that's just to mention a few function. The HDi MAX-ROM system features a list of preset requirment so all you need to do is to follow the instruction to the preset specification and you will have reliability, improved fuel economy and plenty of power to rocket you when needed. HDi MAX-ROM increases the efficiency of the vehicle, and if he vehicle is modified the HDi MAX-ROM also can extract and optimize the extra benefits from the installed performance parts.

If want more information, please email us:service@hybrid-power.com


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