HDi Auxiliary Injector Kit

Product name: HDi Auxiliary Injector Kit

Product code: HDi-AUX-IK

Application: universal


Pressure Flow impedance

43psi 700 cc/min 12.5 Ohm

Dead time ms

10v 1.25

11v 1.06

12v 0.85

13v 0.62

14v 0.53

15v 0.42

HDi Auxiliary Injector Kit is the simplest yet cost effective fuel supply system for mild to highly modified fuel injection vehicle (except direct injection).

Each injector provides 100-150 hp of fuel supply. it works with the standard injectors and top up the fuel when needed ! because the standard injectors are untouched so the car starts and drive as smooth as a standard car and it is a much cost effective option than buying multiple expensive injectors! So you don't have to worry about rough idle due to over fueling with the large injectors, no frustration on over rich cold start and much better fuel economy on cruise yet safely provide sufficient fuel supply when the standard injectors are maxed out!

Moreover, for those who are looking for mega power fuel supply ! You can add multiple kits to make up a batch or stage injection system !! (provided you have enough fuel pump and fuel flow to the injectors)

Perfect for NOS ,NA to FORCE INDUCTION conversion, methanol injection, Turbo upgrade or even simple boost up!!

The kit comes with high quality fuel hose and a T-piece for tapping in to the original high pressure fuel supply line!

You just need to hook it up to an injector driver such as HDi Max-Rom to drive it. (Please note the optional Max-Rom purchased separately)

The HDi Auxiliary Injector Kit is billet CNC machined T6061 aluminum (Stainless can also be custom ordered ) perfect for welding on any aluminum inlet pipe. it is also design with 130 degree injection angle for better fuel atomization.

HDi Auxiliary Injector Kit with benefits as below:

  • Instantly add 100-150hp of fuel supply

  • Simple yet effective auxiliary fuel supply system

  • Billet CNC machined T606 aluminum

  • high flow high impedance injector included

  • Works with most aftermarket injector control system

  • Works with most aftermarket ECU system

  • Works with most aftermarket modifications that needs extra fuel supply

  • Provide a safety fuel supply when standard injectors are maxed out

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